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WHOOPS! I just spilt water all over my laptop

Who is stupid enough to try to headbutt a mini basketball around the office?

... That would be me ...

As I watched the ball bounce on my desk and force my pretty pink butterfly mug onto its side, spilling 3/4 of a cup of water all over my 4 month old laptop, I realised how ridiculous the situation had become.

I immediately picked up my laptop, flipped it over, and watched the water pour on to the floor. I then pulled out the power cable and swtiched the laptop off. I sat it up like a tee pee, with a desk fan underneath it, to let the water drain back out the keys.

I left it for an hour, then I dared to switch it back on ... to my suprise booted up fine, except the touch pad was very glitchy, but it got better as it went along. I didn't want to risk a power shortage, so I switched it back off and ran a hair dryer over it (well under it, as I had the computer upside down). I sat it open on top of a towel, handing over the edge of a table, and left it over night.

Next morning .... NOTHING! No power at all. I felt sick. I rang Paul Mellor (myiHub's trusty computer wizz) and he said it sounded like the battle was lost, but bring it in anyway ... So I rang up my insurance company ready to lodge a complaint, but they needed a quote for repairs to see if it was worth repairing or replacing. I dropped it into Paul, and within 5mins of opening it up and checking for water damage, he had resurrected the lifeless laptop. (you should've seen my face, I was grinning from ear to ear)

Turns out the battery was shorting - which could've been fatal, but in this case didn't seem to be. Paul shut it down and and stripped it, so it could dry out properly. I'm picking it back up tomorrow, PHEW!


1. Turn the laptop off and disconnect it from all power sources.
2. Remove the batter and drain the water
3. Run a fan or hair dryer over it (honestly I'm not 100% convinced on the hair dryer, it tends to build up condensation inside - people seem to think it works though)
4. THE MOST IMPORTANT PART Pull all the parts out (ram, hard drive, graphics card, the lot) and check for water damage. You might need an expert to do this for you, but get it done before you attempt to turn your laptop back on.

OR ... Don't attempt recreational sport around computers.

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Author: Brenton King