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Wireless Networking for your Home or Office

Written on the 8 March 2010 by Paul Mellor (myiHub Computer Repairs)

With the current release of windows 7, wireless technology has become a necessity in the house. Not only does it mean you can be on the internet anywhere in the house, and you don’t have to run cables from room to room, you can now share printers, media files and movies. This is also only the tip of the iceberg, it can be setup so you can turn on the oven on your way home, run a bath, or turn lights on and off while on holiday.

Ok you say, it’s all well and fine to have this technology, BUT WHAT OF THE COST? Well, you will be pleasantly surprised wireless is now very affordable, with most houses been able to be configured for Approx $200 or less. However, with the invent of routers, a lot of service providers now supply wireless routers when setting up your internet, so you may already have it and not know.

As with all major computer setups, we recommend you getting in a professional to do the original setup, there are certain settings to make it secure. (you may have heard of people accessing other peoples computers through there wireless), this can only happen if not correctly setup from the start, when done correctly it is perfectly safe.

Wireless is certainly going to be the way of the future when it comes to media content in the house, so do yourself a favour and enquire today. There are a wealth of different setups that may help make your life easier, or just something really cool you were not aware of, so why not get yourself up to speed on what may be available for you.

My Ihub are wireless specialists, whether it be a media centre setup for your media room, or setting up streaming music with your iPod, sharing internet over multiple computers, or sharing the one printer through the house, we can set you up today.

Contact Paul at myiHub today for an obligation free quotation.

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Author: Paul Mellor (myiHub Computer Repairs)